Balconies, Courtyards and Patios

No matter the size, we can bring to life your courtyard or small space.

No matter where you live, being connected with nature and having the right outdoor space is so important to our quality of life. At Sharp Landscape Creations we are able to help customers who live in apartments with a balcony, courtyard or patio achieve truly unique outdoor spaces.

Our specialised planters can be custom built or come in standard size options, with in built irrigation and specially produced growing mediums that ensure your plants will thrive, even in the usually tough conditions encountered in an exposed high rise situation.

Plant selection is critical and depending on which side of the building you are on will have a major bearing on what options will best suit, we have done the hard yards and provide a fantastic range of “Recommended” plants for you to select from, so no matter where you live we can help you design your own landscape, we also have a number of ready made themed gardens, ready to install.

Once installed, given all the basics have been done right, we can provide a very cost-effective plant “health check” service so they stay in tip top condition.

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